... a family with Greek and Scottish roots.

We Founded Olive Branch for the village of Vrastama and for Greece. We want people to live a Greek Village experience… and to learn the history and language from our historian son and our philologist friend.

  Angela Salpistis is a lover of Greece and the Greeks.

Angela is a graduate of St. Andrews University, Scotland and of the University of Thessaloniki, with many years experience as a British Council examiner.
  Alexander is dedicated to the history of Greece from Ancient times to the present day and he is adept at explaining events in vivid detail.

Alexander is a young graduate of the History and Archaeology Department of the University of Thessaloniki with encyclopaediac knowledge of World History.

His knowledge and erudition are a family byword!

  Yanna Gounari is an experienced Greek teacher with a great love of her work and a cheerful disposition.

Yanna is a graduate of the University of Thessaloniki, too, who's worked many years as teacher but has also done some translation work. She's fluent in English and fairly good in many other languages as well.

She loves travelling, books and can't resist telling jokes.