Saint Efthymios, the local saint is honoured on the 15th October every year,with a liturgy in the main church of the village. Weather permitting, around this time the local people go down to his cave where he had his hermitage, and celebrate the liturgy there, with a feast cooked in large cauldrons and music afterwards in the valley by the river. The area is really beautiful with magnificent trees and flowers. The saint is also honoured at the cave at the end of May, with a liturgy for all the local saints and martyrs.
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Greek Grannies are famous the world over. In Greece, senior citizens are still treated with respect. They are a fund of information and advice, recipes, crocheting, natural remedies. In Vrastama,we can see lots of Greek Grannies dressed in the traditional black and helping their families as much as they can. One of them runs the kiosk or periptero. One of them is Kyria Anna from Australia, a glamorous Greek Granny!